When we think globally and in everything around us, it awakens a strong will to see the world.When I travel I do so in order to meet other people and cultures obviously out of Portugal, but when delve in my country, I really find impressive values.

In many trips I have done, I have a natural preference for mountains that began very early, with my father.
There wasn't fortunately result of fashion or as like many others "it's cool, let's do it".
There is a feeling every time I go to the mountain and my favorite in Portugal is Peneda Geres National Park, Freita Mountain (Arouca Geopark), Star Mountain Natural Park Pico Island Peak and Madeira Island Peak.
Starting in Porto, city where I was born and that is increasing on everyone's wom when they want to know Portugal, is a city with a very strong spirit and soul of a warrior, so it is known as "invicta" which means never having been conquered or defeated.
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