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Establishment Clean and Safe Seal

Hello folks,  My Greenway Tours just received by Turismo de Portugal the “Establishment Clean and Safe” Seal. If you do not know this mark, it is a reward for the companies that respect all recommendations given by the Direção Geral de Saúde (DGS) to avoid the contamination of the Covid-19 virus.   Our company in order to receive this seal had to adapt to accomplish all that is written in declaration of commitment of DGS.                So, My Greenway Tours have to: Give to all the employees formation about: o    How to prevent the dissemination of the virus, like, how to sanitize the hands, to behave in social meetings and to cough and sneeze. o    How to be capable to do auto monitorization to found out if has any sign of covid o    How to clean surfaces and the clothes in the establishments.   Provide information to the costumers about how to prevent the spread and the internal process about the covid.   Acquire equipment of individual protection to all t

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