Top 5 Museums in Porto


As fun as the field and nature can be, it is also a good option for you to get to know more about our culture and city trough museums. That is what we are here to talk about today, our top 5 of the best museums to visit in Porto.

The first one on our list is located in the “Jardins do Palácio de Cristal”, mentioned in our last post, and it is the Romantic Museum also known as “Quinta do Sacramento” or “Quinta da Macieirinha. This century home is a place to go back in time to the XIX century and to re-live and embrace how life was back then, clothing, furniture, aesthetic… Back when it was a family house, it was the place where the king of Sardenha Carlos Alberto stayed when he was in Porto and also the place where he ended up dying.

From: Dicas de Lisboa e Portugal 

Next up we have the “World Discoveries” museum. Located on the other side of the road to Porto’s city customs, really close to Douro river, this is an awesome place for a family afternoon. As we know, teaching is challenging, more so when the subject is history. If you want your kids to be learning and entertained while doing so, this is a great place to visit and connect with Portugal’s history and how we where important in the discovery of the world. 

From: SAPO Viagens
Museum Website

We continue our top 5 with a much more modern construction located in a famous Porto park, Serralves. The Contemporary Art Museum is a project from the well-known architect Siza Vieira and it reunites a diversity of exhibits to include various artists and to provide a more full art experience to those who visit it. Most people who go there tend to also look to the park itself as a piece of art because it is also one of the most visited in Porto. 

From: Dicas de Lisboa 

Our fourth museum is in Valongo, a villa very close to Porto and a very explored place by our company, where we have a lot of activities. Speaking of biscuits, the “Museu da Regueifa e do Biscoito” is a place to learn and promote cultural characteristics. A lot of times present in our tours we have the very own mills that provided flower to this place and made it the most important bread supplier of Porto, giving the locals the food they needed. 

From: Jornal Novo Regional
Museum Website

Last, we have a little surprise for both you and us once this next museum has not opened yet. The “Museu do Holocaustro” is going to be the first one in the Iberian Peninsula to illustrate the Second World War and to have a replica of an Auschwitz-Birkenau room. To give it the city’s touch, this museum has a list of Jews who passed, at some point, by Porto. This project has, as is main goal, to educate people on the tragic event that was the Second World War so that it does not happened again. 

From: JPN

People get your notebook and glasses because with so many museums, its learning time.