World Earth Day

Hello dear travellers,

Today It’s World Earth Day!
(Calendarr, available: Click Here)
This day was founded in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson on a protest against the pollution on the Earth. This manifestation got together 20 million Americans and achieve a place on the calendar all over the globe to remind us the importance of protecting the mother nature and to treat her with kindness and respect. 
On this date, all over the world, are conceived several movements and activities in order to reduce the marks that our actions produce in the Nature. 
The World Earth Day is important to remind us because Man, most of the times, forgets that the Mother Nature is his home and she cannot be replaced. Because of the behaviour of Human beings, the environment is suffering in many aspects, such as, deforestation, global warming, species extinction, extreme droughts, de-icing and some others. Remember this day is like an alarm clock that wake us up and tell us that is time to stop or to try to reduce some aftereffect that are damaging our home.
With the goal to reduce the consequence of our attitudes towards Nature, there are some acts that we can do to accomplish that (National Geographic, available: Click Here): To reduce the pollution and the waste you can Recycle; To combat the deforestation you can Plant a Tree; Reduce the Energy Consume to help decrease the use of the fossil fuels; Manage the Use of Water; Volunteer to clean forests and beaches and Bring some friends to help you in this battle.
My Greenway Tours respects the Nature as well all the living beings that live in her. This year, because of the Covid-19 that as spread across all continents of the world, we could not make an activity to commemorate this important day. However, more opportunities will appear for us to be with the Nature and show our love and gratitude to her.

Picture by Eduardo Mata