World Tree Day!

Hello Fellow Travellers, today we celebrate the World Tree Day!
It’s a day celebrated all over the globe with the purpose to sensitizing the population for the importance of preserving trees due to the environment and the quality of human life. On this day it’s also commemorated the WorldForest Day.
This day has born in 1872 in EUA by a journalist Julius Sterling Morton that encouraged the tree planting and in 1972 cross all over the world including Portugal.
Is important to be aware of the influence of the forest, that is a fundamental element for the balance of the ecosystem, that has in our life. 30% of Earth is occupied by forest, representing a very important component in the world.  
Unfortunately, our “lung” is being destroyed because of agriculture, fires, logging, road construction, the pollution and some others aspects. There are certain precautions that we can take in order to reduce the effect that our actions has in the woods, just as, show to the citizens the consequence and the harm that we are doing to our home, create some post of vigilance, proper forest management, maintenance of forest paths and clean it.  
The Man, through the nature, harvest food, water, health, clean air, shelter, wood, animals and many more materials, that are extremely essential for our day lives.
In Portugal we have many kinds of unique trees that differentiate from each other for some reasons. Because of the particularities they present and the hight estate value that have in our history and culture, we combined them and call them “Monumentais” (Monumental). Some of the trees that are classified as “Monumental” are: Oliveira do Mouchão the oldest tree in Portugal with 3350 years; Sobreiro; Castanheiro; Azinheira; Cipreste-do-bugaço and more.  
               My Greenway Tours is a company that has local guides who lead our customers in the tours through nature and show them the importance of respecting the forest and all the living being that habitat there. We always try to demonstrate that if we treat the nature as she deserves, she will show us unparalleled landscapes.
Every year, in partnership or by our own initiative, we do plantation of endemic plants in multiple areas and the number of the plants that we cultivate depends on the number of tourists who are travelling with us.
               Respect the forest, respect life and she will respect you!
               Don’t you forget: Stay at Home! If you want to have the opportunity to see the most beautiful views, then stay at home so in the future you can enjoy it.

Picture by Eduardo Mata