30 Things to do in Porto once in your Life!

Hello beautiful people,

   Did you know that Porto was considered “The Best European City of the Year”? (Ágora Porto, available: Click Here). Now that you know, you should really consider visit Porto!
  For that reason and for many others, today we are going to apresent to you 30 things to do in Porto once in your life:
1. Climb the 255 stairs of Torre dos Clérigos and see the 360º view of the Invicta City (Irmandade dos Clérigos, available: Click Here);

Picture by Eduardo Mata

  2. Visit the Livraria Lello, considerate the “The most beautiful bookstore of the world”  (Livralia Lello, available: Click Here);

Picture by Eduardo Mata
3. Visit the Station of São Bento, one of the most beautiful train station in the World (Livralia Lello, available: Click Here);
4. Celebrate “São João”, the biggest festival in Porto (Ágora Porto, available: Click Here);
5. Go for a walk, in São João, from Ribeira to Matosinhos;
6. Visit and walk in Serralves;
7. Go to Bolhão market;
8. Buying old goods at Vandoma Fair (Ágora Porto, available: Click Here);
9. Spend an afternoon walking in the Santa Catarina Street;
10. Take a walk in the Cristal Palace;

Picture by Bea Oliveira
11. Take the 7 bridge cruise;
12. Have a snack in Serrana Cafe and delight yourself with the biggest sweets you ever ate (Confeitaria Serrana, available:Click Here);
13. Visit the Port Wine Cellars and have a taste (Porto Wine Cellars, available: Click Here);
14. See a play in the São João Nacional Theater;
15. Go to a concert in the Music House;
16. Eat “Tripas à moda do Porto”;
17. Climb the 31 January Street and run out of breath;
18. Tome um café no Majestic Cafe, considerado o “sexto café mais bonito do mundo” (Majestic Cafe, disponível: Clique aqui );
19. Watch a movie in the Trindade Cinema;
20. Go to Bingo;
21. Take pictures in Aliados Avenue;
22. Travel in the tram to see the beauties of Porto;

Picture by Eduardo Mata
23. Rise the Arrábida Bridge;
24. Go to Gaia Pier;
25. Walk across the Bridge Luís I;
26. Watch the sunset on Virtudes Garden;
27. Eat a Francesinha, a typical dish from Porto;
28 .Drink a beer in the Piolho cafe/bar;
29. Have a drink on one of the many terraces in Porto;
30. Visit the numerous bars in the Galerias and have a great time.

  My Greenway tours hope to have help you make the journey to Porto better and made your trip a memorable experience.