Charlie Darwin Day!

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Today is Darwin day! (Calendarr Portugal, available: Click Here)
Darwin was born in United kingdom in 12 of February in 1809 and died in 1882 with 73 years old because of Chagas diseases. He was a naturalist, a geologist and a biologist who wrote the “The origin of the Species, publish in 1859, being a revolutionary book that shake the biology world because said that the evolution of man and all the creatures are a natural process and does not have the hand of Gog!
In the 19 century, all believe that God was the one who created all the living creatures, however it was Darwin the first one to prove thru scientific proofs the fact that species evolution is real. His study to prove this theory took twenty years to be approved by the scientific society and later by the Catholic Church.
It all started, in 1831, when he was invited to join on a trip in the HMS Beagle ship, where he travelled for 5 years. During his cruise, he collected living beings and fossils that became his first evidence because in them he found out some likeness between some species and he did not believe that this was a coincidence.
After study the fossils, he went to the Gálapos archipelago and he noticed that the turtles from the different places of the islands had distinct characteristic and so he concluded that this diferences were the result of the species evolution. (RTP Ensina, available: Click Here)
In his theory he also says that the creatures that have more possibility to survive isn’t the strongest but those that are able to adapt to the environment they live in. If a living creature has the ability that helps him to survive, his reproduction will be successful and they pass the ability to his descendentes until after many sucessor create a new species. The one that don’t adapt to the environment, die without reproducing.
It’s a long, slow and progressive development, the species, including the Human, weren’t born in the independente way, they evolved from a common ancestors.  (Colégio da Game site, available: Click Here)
Because of his discover, Charles Darwin was considered one of the most importante scientist of his age and still is one of the most powerful man of the history.
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Photo by Eduardo Mata