Curiosities about our city, Porto!

Hello dear visitors!
In order to let you get to know a little more about Porto, we like to provide you some curiosities about our beloved city.
Ø  Did you know that Porto is known as a “Cidade Invicta” (Unbeaten city)?
(Porto University, availableClick Here )
This comes a long time ago, in the age of the romans that gave the name to your city “Portus Cale” that means comercial life and the desire to discover more lands and countries.
“Invicta” means unbeaten and this term was born in the 19 Century when the liberal troops of D. Pedro defeated the troops of D. Miguel in the Cerco of Porto battle. After D.Maria II take the trone, she named Porto as the Unbeaten City because of the history of the town to never back down in battles and never be known as a quitter. This statement made our city be known as Unbeaten to all over the world until our days.

Ø  Did you know that the citizens of Porto are known as “Tripeiros”?
(Porto University, available: Click Here)
This name was born in the maritime expansion, in 1885, in honor of Porto citizens because they were so supportive to the new discovers that gave to the ships all the white meat and just kept to themselves the guts of the animals. Due to the fact they only have that to eat, they invented a new dish with very little things, which was improved after, and then a very typical Portuguese dish was born: Tripas à moda do Porto.

My Greenway Tours loves the city of Porto because is one of the most beautiful cities in our homeland and has a lot of history to share. In hope to make it more appealing to you, we are sharing some curiosities of the great city since our company is all about sharing moments, show places and open horizons to the best views.

Antiga, Mui Nobre, Sempre Leal e Invicta
-                -  Old, Noble, Always Loyal and Unbeaten

Picture by Eduardo Mata