World Wildlife Day!

Hello Dear Friends,
It’s World Wildlife Day! (Calendarr, available: Click Here)
On December 20, in 2013, The ONU proclaim this day the “World Wildlife Day “to celebrate the fauna, the flora and all the animals becoming the most important global annual event dedicated to wildlife.
     Picture by Eduardo Mata
In order to ensure that the nature resources are well managed and conserve the biodiversity of the nature, today, we celebrate this day under the theme “Sustaining all life on Earth”.
The different species of plants have great importance because we all depend of the interactions and interconnections between all the biosphere elements for all of our needs. Without this relations we won’t be able to breath, to eat the food that we ingest, to consume the energy that we use and manager the materials that we need. However, the actions of Man are endangering species, their habitat and all the biodiversity of the World because of the insupportable activities and overexploitation of natural resources. Nowadays are numerous species in risk to extinction in the next decades. (World Wildlife Day, available:Click Here).
Another factor that contributes to the notable disappearance of species is the animal trafficking that represents one of the biggest threat to the wildlife and biodiversity, being referred to as one of the largest cross-border organized crime activates.
In accordance with Red List of International Union for Conservation of Nature, there are 24 307 endangered species of which 5 210 are classified by “Critically Endangered”. (Quercus, available: Click Here)
Being My Greenway Tours a sustainable business that respects the local life, acting always in natural parks without a small footprint that worries with the animals and the nature, we are writing this article in order to advise and alert you of the dangers that animals are going through. If all of us are aware of these dramatic numbers, we can try to do something to stop it or slow it down.
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   Picture by Eduardo Mata